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The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center's grand opening party , on Monday, August 23 2004 dramatically coinciding with all the United Nations' annual International Day of Commemoration for your Abolition of Slavery was itself a event within the interfusion festival  record of the problems for freedom. The festivities to indicate the celebration were in not only knowing the abolition of slavery for present day battle, also before to free over 27 million individuals currently enslaved all around the world most crucial.

The national Underground Railroad Freedom Heart consequently while in the grandeur of its beginning was drawing focus on the odiousness of the work of trading in human beings and all of those other associated inhumanities required. It had been too a chance for people to celebrate in its abolition and immortalize the valiant women and men who stood against it often selflessly in the past so that those of us in our will emulate their functions of courage in defending mankind and human beliefs wherever we observe them been trampled upon.

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